Katie & Taylor


 - How did you meet?  Taylor and I first met in London, ON when I was living there and going to school. On our first date he took me to a nice restaurant and a hockey game. He was such a gentleman, so I was quite smitten! Lol 

- How did he propose? Taylor proposed the same day we received the keys to our new home. It was just Taylor and I and we were going in to our new home to clean and wipe down some things but once we got there he had a surprise and proposed to me! So cute that he did it at our forever home :)

- What did you find challenging about planning a wedding?  I am very very unorganized. Lolol

- What was the best decision you made for your wedding? We loved the venue at Dark Horse Estate Wineries, our caterer Mark from the Clock Tower Bistro, and of course our Videographers Kaila and Nadine!! We were very lucky :)


- What were you most looking forward to on your wedding day? To seeing Taylor for the first time when I was walking down the aisle!

- Is there anything you would have done differently? Honestly nothing! Everything was absolutely perfect and the day went so smoothly.

- What advice would you give to couples currently planning a wedding? Enjoy every moment of wedding plans :) It is so much fun and you only get to do it once, so enjoy every moment!

- Did you always want a wedding video?/What made you want to have a wedding video? Most definitely I’ve always wanted one :) I wanted something to remember all the special moments and to relive the day! I can watch the videos over and over and feel the same butterflies I felt on the day of the wedding :) Also the wedding day flew by so fast! It is so nice to see all the added touches and details you may have missed during the busy day!


- What is your favourite part of your video? I loved the amount of thought and detail that Kaila and Nadine put into the video, they chose the perfect music, and perfect transition scenes. And of course I love every Hayden part! Most specifically though Taylor and I love the part of the video when the song goes “just say I do” and it leads into me and Taylor kissing from the vineyard to the altar :) also we love Hayden’s cute little feet and when she is running :) haha 

- Would you recommend With Love Studios to your friends & family? DEFINITELY 

- What was the best part about working with With Love Studios? How accommodating and easy going the girls are. They always answered my questions so quickly and never left me hanging! They are the sweetest girls and so great with making everyone feel comfortable and happy! They also were sooo amazing with my little girl!! The added touch of the Hayden video was soooo sentimental and so sweet of them to do for us! Makes me cry every time and is such a cherishable keepsake for us. Hayden will feel like she had such an important role on our wedding day! I can’t get over that you girls did that for us :)