A Fur-Baby Announcement

If you've been on Pinterest as much as I have, I'm sure you've come across these hilarious photos of couples re-enacting baby portraits but with puppies. They are great, they make me laugh - if you haven't seen them then you should, they will brighten your day. So when my best friend, Nicole (who has a great sense of humour and a deep embedded love for dogs) said that she wanted her very own shoot when she got a puppy, I was all about it!


Nicole's boyfriend, James had recently surprised her with what could be one of the most adorable puppies in history - so the shoot was on! They were very careful to keep him hush-hush until we were able to get together, can you imagine keeping that secret!? Nicole was particularly smitten with the photos that resembled a gender reveal, so I whipped together a cute DIY box. It was extremely easy, all I used was a big box, cardstock, kraft paper and tape. I printed and cut out the letters and hearts and just stuck them on, it turned out pretty cute!

We shot at Euston Park, it is a nice place to walk - you should definitely check it out! My sister, Stephanie tagged along to help with puppy wrangling and distracting. Cooper was so well behaved, he wasn't phased by the box or the balloons. It was a very quick get-in-and-get-out shoot. I ran home to do a couple small tweaks and then sent them immediately to Nicole so she could finally tell everyone! She posted a teaser photo on Facebook and we definitely tricked some people into thinking they were having a baby, but nope! The rest of the photos went up not long after and the secret was out, they could finally snap and insta like normal again, lol. I'd say this was a mission accomplished!

Thanks to Nicole and James for letting me in on the fun, this was a pretty good laugh!

- Nadine