The Gift of Video

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is thinking about finding the perfect gift. Most people wouldn't even think of, or consider gifting a video - but we think you should! Weddings, as lovely as they are... are not cheap and that's no secret! When you think about all the things you purchase to create that one special day, there are very few things that are going to last forever - video being one of them.


Now, we know that it can be a lot of money but, video is a one time investment that will last a lifetime and not even just for the couple but also for their entire family. Photos and video are pretty high on the checklist of vendors because they capture the essence of the day. Sure, you could try your dress on later down the road but there's just something about seeing it. Just visualize with me for a second...okay? Close your wait, keep them open (I'm not there to narrate). Okay, here goes...It's ten years down the road, the family gathers around to watch the video together and reminisce about how small the kids were and how Grandma could really bust a move back then. When is another time you'll get to have something like that?!


It also makes a great gift because it ensures that no one has to be behind a camera. Everyone can enjoy the day, stress free because you know that someone else is there to capture all the special moments. No one is left out of the shot, everyone can cut loose and have a great time. Sounds like a pretty great group gift, am I right?! And to be frank, a lot of couples hope for monetary gifts to help them pay for their special day so it might be really nice to give them something that will preserve it forever.

So this holiday season, or any upcoming occasion think about giving the gift of memory, sentiment, nostalgia. Give the gift of video.

- With Love