A Mother's Day Surprise!

Mother's Day was a little more special than usual this year because we got to help two of our friends announce that they are expecting! Bianca had asked me if I was interested in shooting her pregnancy announcement photos and of course I said yes, but I suggested that she consider letting us do a video since that is what we do, and do well. ;)

Thankfully they said yes, which was great! I approached Kai and told her that I made this suggestion and she was skeptical, until I explained my concept. When I pictured the video in my head all I could think about was this one montage from Snatch. I knew I wanted it to be super fast paced, Guy Ritchie fast, with tight close-up shots and I knew I wanted to be a big reveal at the end. I had the idea to do a play on the phrase 'bun in the oven.' Bianca would be preparing a 'bun' and people would either get the hint throughout or they would be surprised at the end. Kai loved it, Bianca loved it - I had everyone on board, great! Our time line was inching pretty close to Mother's Day - so of course, I put the pressure on by saying "Wouldn't it be awesome if you could post it on Mother's Day?!" So, I got together my shot list and my prop list Measuring cups - check, mixer -  check, etc, etc. All the boxes had to be checked!

Bianca had sent me a couple inspiration photos from pinterest, which were super adorable with the big shiny balloons spelling out B-A-B-Y. (Little did we know at the time, that balloons don't really do what you want them to.) I scouted a couple parks for the photos and finally decided on Ross Park. It was a good amount of open space and I really loved the idea of pink flowering trees in the background. Everything was coming together and I was getting super excited!

We arrived at Bianca & Steven's place a few days later, with all our gear in tow. As she finished getting beautifully dolled up, Kai and I walked through the shoot and set up a couple lights and then we were ready to roll! We went down the shot list, one by one - the anticipation to sit down and edit was building! We were lucky to have Bianca be so cool about it, many of the shots took more than one go. (I came prepared with a carton of six eggs, in case you were wondering.) It was a very straight forward, relaxed shoot.

The park however, yeesh. When we got there, a pile large crowd of geese were occupying my beautiful chunk of grass. Anyone who knows Canadian geese, knows they aren't the most kind and co-operative bird...so, okay, fine - we will shoot in a different direction, without the pink trees. Then we quickly learned that the balloons were also very temperamental. Thankfully we enjoyed each other's company, because it turned out to be one big waiting game and then I would start shouting enthusiastically to smile when the B's starting facing the right direction. It was actually pretty hilarious.

Now, I'm no professional photographer but I'm pleased with how the photos turned out and not to toot our horn or anything - but the video is pretty awesome, am I right?! We are so happy with how it turned out! It was definitely an honour to help Bianca and Steven announce their little bun and I can't wait to see what other fun projects come our way!

You can watch Bianca & Steven's announcement video here. Happy Mother's Day!

- Nadine (& Kai too)