A "Super" Wedding

I think I can speak for both Kai and myself when I say, we really wanted to book this wedding! We had met Whitney one evening at Kai's to talk about the possibility of filming their reception. Whitney & Jay were getting married in Savannah, Georgia but were having a reception at the beautiful CASO Station in St. Thomas and were hoping that we could capture it for them.

Before I continue, let me just throw this out there...I love Disney - and by Disney - I mean Walt Disney World. I have been going to Disney since I was a teeny kid and have consistently gone pretty close to every year of my life. My wedding, was in Florida in a cute town called Celebration which is only a few minutes away from the park and I dragged all 30 of my guests there for a week. Are you with me, I love it, okay!? I also love Star Wars, and to be specific, I mean Episodes 4-7 and soon to be 8 if they play their cards right. I have a plush BB8, Han Solo is my dream guy (next to Indiana Jones, of course), and I would snuggle an Ewok in a heartbeat! Totally unrelated to that, but also relevant for this story is that Kaila has a severe gluten allergy and absolutely cannot ingest anything gluten-ish.

Alright let's continue... Since we had already established that they were great people, once Whitney informed us that not only was their venue insanely gorgeous but that their entire menu was gluten free and their details were going to have hints of Disney and Star Wars characters...WE HAD TO BE THERE! Everything about this wedding was calling our names!


We arrived at their apartment to film Jay getting dressed and no joke, I immediately geeked out. I had to remind myself I was there to work, not to gawk at the Lego Millennium Falcon. The reception was equally awesome - Han and Leia on the cake, Lego man favours, Mickey Vinylmation guestbook - it was great. I realize I've left out the fact that this was still a very beautiful, tasteful and classic looking venue. CASO Station requires very little to no decoration, it's stunning all on its own. The lighting was glorious, it had this amazing glow in the room. Whitney was gorgeous, her big smile is seriously priceless. You can tell that everyone there had a great time and they were so happy to be celebrating two incredible people.

Kai and I had such a great time, I can't say this enough. Their friends and family were instantly comfortable with us and the cameras, which makes it so easy to work. It actually didn't feel like work at all! We definitely lucked out with everything about this event, especially hanging out with a super awesome couple.

We wish all the best to Whitney & Jay, I know their future is full of awesomeness!

- Nadine (& Kai too)

You can watch Whitney & Jay's video here.

Photographer: Stephanie Canada Photography
Dress: Garber's Bridal
Make-up: Moon Kitties Studios
Hair: Scissorkitty Rock n' Roll Hair
Flowers: Blooms n' Rooms
Cake: Chick Boss Cake
Venue: CASO Station